Wednesday, January 5, 2011

photos over the last year

More on 2010

In my last post from February of 2010 Molly and I were training for a Half Ironman. Well I was able to continue the training and Molly was not. She was having too many joint issues. We later found out she has Rheumatoid arthritis. :( We are treating that the best way we can. I trained for and completed the Pacific Crest Half Ironman in Sunriver,Or at the end of June. It was very difficult but I was happy to finish. I have one under my belt now so I know what to expect for this year. I have already started my training for this year. I know how much harder I need to train this year to achieve my goals for the race. I am looking to shave at least 30 minutes for my race time. That is a pretty decent amount of time for me. I feel more prepared this time around.

2011??? Already!

Ok so I have not kept this up. I will be making a concerted effort to update at least once a month this year. It's not a resolution just a goal.

So since my last post, Dominic is now just a few months from being a 3 year old. We have been blessed to not have a terrible 2 year old like everyone talks about. He is not perfect but we know how lucky we are to have him as our son. He is still smart as a whip and learns more everyday. We are hoping to get him into pre-school this year after he is fully potty trained.

Molly and I had a talk in September about expanding our family. We decided to try and get pregnant again. We were once again blessed with success. We are due at the beginning of June. We found out at the end of this month what we are having. We are just hoping for another happy healthy baby. Molly is now leaning for a girl and I for another studly little man! We have decided that 2 kids will be it. That was the deal when we got married.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring in February?

We got out and enjoyed some of the sunshine this past weekend. Took Dominic to the park and he just loved te swings. He usually gets bored after a minute or two. We could not get him out of it this time. He wanted Molly and I to swing next to him. He kept pointing at the swings next to him and commanding us to swing with him. Before the swing we climbed the little climbing wall there and slid down the slides. We are having so much fun with him. We are very lucky!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our lives for the next 4 months....

Time for a Molly and John update. We are all caught up on Dominic for now. Molly and I are training for another Triathlon. This year we are doing a Half Ironman. This will be in Sunriver Oregon on June 26th. The race begins with a 1.2 mile open water swim followed by a mountainous 58 mile road bike ride finished off be a half marathon, 13.1 miles. This will be our longest attempt to date. We both have done sprint and Olympic distance triathlons before in 2007 before Dominic was born.

Molly, the athletic animal she is, did the Portland marathon last year,2009. She did great. I plan on doing the 2010 Portland marathon with her this year. We have a very active year planned for sure. We are in the beginning stages of our training for the year. I was sick for almost a full 2 months to start 2010. Sick enough to not be able to start training early like I had hoped. Molly has been dealing with some joint pain issues so she has been delayed too. I have been able to train now for the last 2 weeks and have been very happy with my progress, minus the swimming. I have the hardest time with the swimming for whatever reason. I will be devoting a lot of late nights to the Superior pool for the next few months.

It is a tricky thing trying to balance work, family and training time. I am mainly training after Dominic goes to bed, 8pm. I also am doing longer rides and runs during his naps on my days off. That has worked out well for maximizing my family and training times without neglecting either. As for time with my lovely wife, I have not figured all that out yet. We seem to find time for eachother though and that is great. When we are in longer training days it will become harder to balance it all. We know what we signed up for though and sacrifice is part of it.

We have 4 events scheduled for 2010 starting off with the Pear Blossom 10 mile run here in Medford. I have an extra triathlon scheduled, the Graniteman, which is a nice warm up for the Half Ironman. It includes a .75 mile swim in Applegate Lake, followed by a 14 mile mountain bike ride around the lake and finished up with a 5 mile run. Should be fun! Molly will not be doing this because of the treachorous mountain bike section. She may do one of the running events there the same day. I hope we can stay healthy and complete all of our active lofty goals for 2010. Wish us luck!!

Where did the time go???

It has been so long since my last post that I do not know where to start. My most important story over the last 10 months is definitely our little angel Dominic. He has changed and grown in so many wonderful ways. His vocabulary increases daily now and we can hardly believe the words he can manage. His pronunciation is better than a lot of adults we know. We are very proud. He is a very smart boy. He walks, runs, jumps and climbs very well. He seems to have no limits. He really likes riding his "bikey" around the neighborhood. He can ride that thing forever it seems. We have started working with him on spelling and reading as well. WOuld be nice for him to know how to do all of this by the age of 3. He knows a lot of letters and can spell some words already. We got him a couple of spelling games and constantly read to him. We are having a blast with him. Everyday is a new adventure.

He is a very loving boy and always has kisses for his adoring parents. His bedtime is 8 oclock and most times he does not fuss. He mostly goes screaming happily down the hall to his room saying "nite nite" all the way into his room. He has taken up sleeping with his favorite toy of the day. Lately that has been a generously donated "choo choo" form Aunt Robin. It is pretty big and he holds on to it with a vice like grip and off to sleep he goes. He sleeps through until around 7 most days. So mom and I get time to relax and get some sleep too. I will try and post more often so not so much time goes by between updates. Thanks for checking out my Blog.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dominic's first year

Sorry it's been a while since I have posted. Been a very busy year as you can imagine. Having a baby under a year old keeps us pretty busy. Well Dominic will be a year old very soon. We have had such a great time raising him in his first year. He has been a very happy and healthy boy. We are truly blessed. We have had so many firsts with him.

He started crawling at 6 months. Since then Molly and I have had quite a busy time at home making sure he does not get into things he should not get into. For the most part he has a great natural ability to know what is safe and what is not. He is careful enough with things that are not stable that he has never pulled anthing down on him that could hurt him. Since he has become better at crawling he has become quite the speedster. He picked up a habit of trying to crawl with something in either or both of his hands?! A difficult task to be sure. He learned to stand up using furniture at about 9 months. I taught him to get down off of furniture at 9 months as well. He is quick learner.

He has been able to say Da da and Ma ma for quite a while already. I recently taught him to nod his head Yes and to clap on command. He is a very good clapper. We just got through with his first round of swimming lessons where he did very well too. Surprise surprise, I think My son is good at everything. I am pretty sure that is my job. Within the last month he has begun to stand up all by himself in the middle of the floor. He can stand there and squat all the way down and then stand right back up again. He seems to be very strong. On Easter morning he took his first steps at church with grandma. Molly and I saw him take a step once before but not really walk. Later on Easter day he did take about 7-8 steps for us at home. Molly and I both got to see it and we were very excited. He has not really started to walk a lot just when he feels like it. We are not in a hurry to have him running around on us just yet so it is ok with us.
Well thank you for checking my Blog out. As for the rest of our lives, we are doing great. Molly is keeping busy with lots of web design business. Our store Southern Oregon Subaru Volvo Mitsubishi is doing very good. We are very fortunate to sell such great products that keep our clients happy and coming back. The banks are loosening up their wallets as well so we are getting a lot of loans approved. This is a great time to be buying a vehicle. Interest rates are low and our vehicles are ready for new homes. I will try and keep my posts up to date from now on. Life is slowing a little so I should have the time.